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Inclusive Education

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Ensuring Access: Enabling a child's right to education

Children with disabilities are the highest out of school group in the country. ASTHA ensures the right to education starts with identifying children with disabilities of school-going age, creating a demand for education within the family of the child, supporting in the rehabilitation and learning capabilities of the child, liasoning and training with the school system to include the child and enable education and allied rights.

Our Approach

ASTHA uses a multi-pronged approach to give children with disabilities a head start in life. We believe in demedicalising the process and doing evidence-driven work with international standards, with people and community at the heart of the work.

We believe in working on four levels:

  1. Individual or group level: We work with children one-on-one or in group settings to support their development
  2. Family level: We provide families with essential resources they need, including training them and connecting them with government programs
  3.  Community level: We work with local community infrastructure, such as schools, hospitals, and more, to ensure the child has the support they need
  4. Policy level: We advocate for policy change to ensure inclusivity

CP, 4th class

With ASTHA's support, CP attends the MCD Pratibha Vidyalaya.

our services

Assessment & Intervention

We conduct screenings to identify children with disabilities as early as possible, ensuring children don't drop out of school due to a lack of support.

Teacher Training

We provide comprehensive training to teachers to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to support children with disabilities in the classroom.

Accessible Learning Materials

We develop and provide learning materials that are accessible to children with different disabilities, ensuring they can fully engage in the learning process.

Individualised Learning Plans

We create personalized learning plans for each child, taking into account their unique strengths, challenges, and learning styles.

Our Impact

equal access to learning opportunities

By collaborating with schools, educators, and communities, we work to create environments where all learners can thrive, highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion in education. ASTHA’s impact on inclusive education not only benefits students with disabilities but also enriches the learning experience for all, preparing a generation that values equity, respect, and empathy.

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Testimonial #1 Designation

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Testimonial #1 Designation

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Our Latest Research on Inclusive education

Our research on inclusive education dives deep into understanding the barriers and opportunities within the educational system for students with disabilities. By analyzing policies, practices, and personal experiences, ASTHA is at the forefront of advocating for changes that make education truly inclusive. 

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