Annual Reports

Fourth Annual Report: The Status of Inclusive Education of Children with Disabilities

Intro: About the Fourth Report

In the Fourth Report, we attempt to look closely at the framework in which to understand the right to education of children. As the disability discourse unfolds after the coming into force of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, there is increasing clarity on how the big conceptual changes the Convention brings in, are changes for children and persons with disabilities that impact all persons and society and states. In short the disability discourse cannot any longer be a discourse in isolation. We try to spell out the framework and ask what data reflects on the health of inclusive education in our country. We make the links between recent trends in education such as school merger and closure in Rajasthan and children with disabilities and then look at how families migrating to Delhi in search of better prospects for their children fare, and how their children are treated in government schools in Delhi. Finally, through a series of interviews we bring the reader the actual experience of children with special needs/disability in education.

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