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Helping Children with Disabilities Thrive

ASTHA is a community-based and cross-disability organization based in the slums of Delhi. We believe that every child with disability is an equal member of society with the ability of making a positive contribution.

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about astha

empowering children & people with disabilities

Founded in 1983, ASTHA is a leading community-based organization in Delhi, dedicating to empowering people with disabilities in urban slums.

We work with children and young adults with disabilities, provide support to their families, and help make their communities more accessible.

In addition to our work in the community, we operate India’s only National Disability Helpline and do extensive policy work, influencing major disability rights documents like the UNCRPD.

Our mission is to offer comprehensive support in health, education, and rights for disabled individuals. Our vision is more inclusive society where every individual with a disability is valued.

our areas of work

On a Mission to Help. The Right Way.

ASTHA has focused on strategies of community development and the inclusion of children and persons with disabilities through the model of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR).

We work intensively with children with disabilities from a very young age to give them the head start the need.

We identify children with disabilities of school-going age and work with their families and schools on their educational opportunities.

We run life skills trainings to help young adults with disabilities live independently and with dignity.

Started in 2000, our helpline services are led by two young people with disabilities with an outreach to 19 states in the country.

We intentionally network and capacity-build outside of the disability advocacy space to make more organizations inclusive.

We publish academic studies, research, trainings, and more. We also utilize our expertise to advocate for people with disabilities in the policy space.

Madiha gets leg braces
Deeply Rooted in Community

We work with children and families through all stages of the development phase.

Abhiraj gets ready for school

our impact

Celebrating inclusion & community

From enabling access to education and healthcare to advocating for rights and inclusion, these stories highlight the tangible differences ASTHA has made in the urban slums of Delhi.

When Nitya was 6 months old, she didn't used to sit or grasp anything. Nitya's parents went to the hospital, but didn't receive any information there and were simply told that she would start doing things on her own when she grew up.

Through ASTHA, Nitya's parents got to know about children with delayed development and received information about how to work with her. When Nitya turned two and a half, she started sitting on her own, grasping things, playing, and feeding herself. Now she has also started standing up, holding things, walking with support, and even walking with the help of a walker.


Rihan is a 20-year-old young man with Intellectual and Speech Disability, who resides with his family in a urban slum in Delhi. Through ASTHA, he started working in the Mitti Cafe.

Rihan is passionate about working and meeting new people. Now he is a self-reliant man and living his life with dignity.


Azam is an 8 -year-old boy who resides with his family in a Batla house in Delhi. He is in the 3rd grade; he has a passion for sports and learning new things. He played a role in theater as a Ponga Swami.

ASTHA helps Azam and his family access schooling and education resources.


Dilip, an 18-year-old young man, resides with his family in a urban slum in Delhi. Having recently completed his 12th board exam, he has a passion for playing the guitar and singing songs. He aspires to advocate for the rights of children and individuals with disabilities.

ASTHA provides life skills trainings to Dilip to help him reach his goals.


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ASTHA is committed to supporting the most vulnerable children and young adults with disabilities in Delhi’s urban slums, ensuring they can lead independent and fulfilling lives.

You can make a difference by volunteering, donating, or spreading the word about ASTHA’s mission. Contact us to learn more.

Delivering Ration Kits to Families in Need

Our COVID-19 Response

Serving our communities during unprecedented times

COVID-19 has drastically changed all of our lives but during the lockdowns in India in 2020 and 2021, it impacted the poor the most. During this time, ASTHA led efforts in the Delhi slums in providing immediate relief to families and children with disabilities.

200+ Families

Provided with food ration kits

350 Children

Supported in public schools

500+ Calls and Video Classes

For continuing education

75 Frontline Health Workers

Engaged to help with community needs

50 Families

Provided with new ration cards through our assistance

Uninterrupted services

for those we serve due to COVID-responsive modifications

our information hub

producing innovative research & policy work

Our commitment to producing groundbreaking studies and policy recommendations has positioned us as a key influencer in shaping a more inclusive and equitable society. Through our dedicated efforts, we drive national conversations, influence legislative changes, and ensure that the voices of those with disabilities are heard and respected. ASTHA’s work not only illuminates the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities but also highlights actionable solutions, making us a pivotal force in transforming lives and fostering societal progress.

Information Hub

Our community work and network allow us to produce leading research and policy advocacy work.

Research Studies

ASTHA conducts grassroots research to improve policies and practices for people with disabilities.

Annual Reports

Our annual reports showcase our achievements and dissect current policy trends.

Training Videos

Check out our resource videos for training and building capacity in disability support.

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