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Life Skills for Young Adults with Disabilities

Our Life Skills Program

Unlocking Potential Together: Ensuring Community-Based Independent Living through Essential Life Skills Training

ASTHA runs a life skills program for young adults with disabilities with an aim to make individuals independent towards a dignified living. Nature classrooms, sexuality education, heritage exposures, music and sports form critical areas of the curriculum.

Our life skills program recognizes the importance of equipping young adults with disabilities with the necessary tools and knowledge to lead independent and fulfilling lives. Through a comprehensive curriculum and personalized support, we empower them to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.

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Assessment & Goal-Setting

Our program begins with comprehensive assessments to identify individual strengths and areas for growth. Based on the assessment results, personalized goals are set to guide the skill development process.

Skill Development Workshops

We conduct life skills workshops to empower young adults with disabilities and enhance their independence.

Mentorship Program

Through our mentorship program, we provide guidance and support to young adults with disabilities. We provide ongoing support and monitor the progress of each young adult in the program to ensure their success and wellbeing.

Our Impact

Equipping Young Adults with confidence & independence

Through tailored workshops, mentorship, and practical experiences, we ensure that youth with disabilities develop the resilience and competencies needed to achieve their personal and professional goals. Our impact extends beyond individual growth, as we foster a generation of empowered youth who are ready to contribute to their communities and advocate for their rights.

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Our Latest Research on Engaging Youth

Our research delves into the crucial life skills young adults with disabilities need to thrive in society. Focused on identifying gaps and opportunities for empowerment, ASTHA’s studies aim to inform and refine programs that enhance self-reliance, social interaction, and employability.

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